How do free online slots games for fun differ from slots for money?

Very often, beginning players do not understand why online casinos offer them try free online slots games for fun. They do not realize that this is not only the chance for each newbie to check how slots work, but a casino trick to attract more clients. However, these free games have more pluses and advantages for gamblers themselves.

How do free online slots games for fun work?

Basically, free online slots games for fun work just like real casino slot machine games but usually with some exciting extra features. Thus, a gambler can experience true casino fun from the comfort of his own home or even on the go when he plays in a mobile casino. There are only a few steps to follow to start the free slots games online for fun:

  1. Choosing a slot that appeals to a player and open it directly in the web browser by simply clicking on it. The game instantly loads in the Instant Play window on any computer, tablet or smartphone, ready for the first spin.
  2. Before the start, the number of paylines must be checked and the possibility to make changes there. Depending on the slot, players can usually choose a different number of paylines and thus increase or decrease their risk.
  3. Taking a decision about how much money (with free online slots games for fun, free credits) can be spent per spin. The more is bet, the higher the payout will be, and the maximum payout that goes into the high thousands on some slots is tied to the highest possible bet.

If paylines and bets are selected, a gambler can click on the spin button. If he wins a spin, he can accept the prize directly and have it added to the balance. The current balance will always be shown at the bottom of the game.

Advantages of playing slots for free

When gamblers play online slots games for fun only, they can relax as they know that no risk is waiting for them: even when they lose, they do not lose real money, but virtual credits. Relaxation with free online slots games for fun is the best condition to learn everything about gambling, its ABC, besides, bonus rounds there can show the profits than can be used in a real game later.

Playing free, one can also increase profits. Many machines offer at this point a risk function in which one can double or lose profit in simple extra games (such as tapping on red or black on cards).

Types of Slot Machines for free

Since one can find thousands of different slot machines for free on the internet, it is sometimes difficult to pick a good game. It would be the best solution to play the slot games in a play money mode for free without signing up and trying out. But first, it would be worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the types of slot machines for free and their basic features.

  1. Classic free online slots games for fun are very similar to the well-known one-armed bandits; often have 3 reels for spins and a minimum number of paylines. Although they are simply equipped, they are still very popular and can be found in any slot casino. In addition, it often happens that they involve progressive jackpots.
  2. Video Slots for free is the next level in the history of the gambling industry, different from each other in terms of themes, number of reels, winning combinations, additional symbols (Scatter, Wild) and graphic design. These free slots delight players with numerous bonus options.
  3. The independent categories can be added to progressive slot machines, 3D and VR games.

The functionality of each online slot machine, where gamblers can play for free, is based on a special program — Random Number Generator. When gamblers make a bet and get the reels going, the outcome of the game is decided by RNG’s algorithm. Each game round in a slot machine does not depend on the previous results and also does not affect the next rounds. Manipulating slot machine results for free is an impossible task, at least in a licensed virtual casino.

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