Types of different free online casino slots

When it comes to online casinos, many guys mention the pros of free online casino slots for fun, beneficial mostly for those, who just begin their way in gambling. It is known that it always makes sense to play casino slots for free online before taking a serious step — making the first paid bet.

Not to lose anything, and even win before paying for the game, it is advisable to pick those gaming machines, where each one (especially, a newbie) can experience a free game mode. To the luck of players, most trusted casinos have this sort of games; even several types of them.

Types of free online casino slots

The majority of free online casino slots can be divided into 2 types — those that are available for free with a deposit bonus of a casino and those, where bonus rounds are activated during the main game.

In reality, all types of gaming machines and video slots can have bonus features like free spins or additional games; these features are presented even in classic Fruit slots.

3-reel slots for free

These are the classic games. They have three reels with symbols representing fruits, bars, and cards. They usually have 1 payline.

Some of the modern classic free casino slots online have three or five paylines. They are chosen often when a deposit bonus is activated.

5-reel slots

They are just like the 3 reel free online casino slots. The potential winnings are much higher here.

They usually also have Wilds that help a gambler form combinations and Scatters that launch bonus games played for free.

Video slots

These games are diverse. Most video game machines have 5 reels, but there are also some with up to 9 of them. The number of game lines varies; there can be up to 60 of them, and it gives more chances to win.

Meanwhile, to play all lines may be too expensive until the slot is offered to play for a bonus for deposit.

Bonus slots for free in casinos

Bonus free online casino video slots have a bonus game or feature. This is usually activated when a player gets three or more special symbols (usually Bonus). Most bonus rounds give players free rotations or a Click-me game. The free spins usually work out by themselves and then pay off winnings at the end.

In the Click Me games, players have to make a choice (for example, click on one of three boxes), which will then include a prize. For instance, Jurassic Park slot has several bonus rounds.

Progressive Jackpot machines

Jackpot paid and free online casino slots are basically linked to the hugest prize called a jackpot accumulated over time. A small part of the bets in the game goes into the “pot”. The sum is growing until a happy gambler wins it. Some jackpots are already millions of dollars because the game is so popular. To win these huge jackpots gamers have to play the maximum bet.

Normally, one needs five identical symbols (no Wild), which is usually quite complicated to do. Jackpot slots online free casino variants exist for fun.

How to play online slots

For those who have not played before, it can be difficult to know how to handle multi-line slot machines. Once a gambler understands the foundation, it is easy. Here’s how to play.

  1. Check the payment table. The payment table shows how much a player can win depending on how much they bet. It also shows the minimum amount and the maximum amount of the bet. Some payment tables are more detailed than others are of the simpler kind. However, it is always worth checking them out to get a good feel for how to play.
  2. Enter the bet on the chosen free online casino slots. Many slot machines have so-called coins gamers play with, worth a certain amount. In many cases, this is already indicated when playing but in some cases, one may need to enter this data.
  3. Choose payout lines. Multiple payout lines are very common today. By betting on more lines one also increases the chances of winning. However, the more gamblers bet, the more it costs them in the long run.
  4. Press Spin. When all these steps are arranged, it is time to press the spinning button. That’s literally all that is needed to do to take the chance to be one of the lucky winners.

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